Soi cầu Casino-casino trực tuyến miễn phí

Soi cầu Casino-casino trực tuyến miễn phí

The detectors are conventional fixed temperature heat detectors, i.e. they “give an alarm” at a certain fixed temperature.

6275 goes into alarm at 60°C. 6276 goes into alarm at 80°C.

The detector’s sensing element consists of a bimetal contact. At the reached alarm temperature the bimetal makes contact and the detector “gives an alarm”. An LED, in the base the detector is plugged into, indicates this. The base also has an output for an external LED indicator 2216 / 2217.

The heat detectors are latching, i.e. the detectors will not be automatically reset if the temperature falls below the detector’s “alarm temperature” (60°C and 80°C respectively). The detector will be latched and the LED in the base and an ext. LED  will be lit until reset is performed in  the c.i.e.

The detectors 6275 and 6276 can be plugged into a conventional base (2324) connected to a conventional zone line input (or an older addressable base (2330) connected to a  COM loop).

The heat detectors can be used in the  systems EBL500 / 512 / 128 / 1000 / 2000.

The detectors are intended for indoor  use and in dry premises.

Heat detector applications are small rooms where the temperature can be expected to rise rapidly in case of a fire or places where smoke detectors can not be used.

Technical data

Voltage (V DC) rated






Current consumption at nom. volt. (mA)

quiescent (detector only) active (detector only)

Depending on the type of base it is plugged into. For more details, see the base respectively.


Max. 70  (Current limitation in all EBL equipment)

Ambient temperature (°C) operating


6275 / 6276

-10 to +40 / -10 to +60

-25 to +70 / -25 to +70

Ambient humidity (% RH) max. 95, non condensing
Ingress Protection rating (estimated) IP22
Alarm temp. (fixed temp.) 60°C (6275),  80°C (6276)
Weight, detector only (g) 70
Colour grey  (N8, Munsell colour code)
Approvals CE, EN54-5, response grade 1 (6275)

CE, EN54-8, temp. range 1 detector (6276)

Soi cầu Casino-casino trực tuyến miễn phí

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